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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

London, 2007. Dorian Gray is living the high life. But when his workmates start to die in their sleep, and he starts to dream about those he's lost, Dorian discovers that the higher your place in society, the further you have to fall...

Based on Oscar Wilde's famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray and positing a world in which Dorian Gray was all too real and knew Wilde, The Confessions of Dorian Gray stars Merlin's Mordred, Alexander Vlahos, as the titular immortal. The Fallen King of Britain is the fifth and final story in this run, but there will be a special Christmas episode, Ghosts of Christmas Past, released in December. It finds Dorian meeting one of fiction's other greats: Sherlock Holmes! It can be re-ordered now, and don't forget that you can still subscribe to the entire first series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray.

Here are a selection of responses about last week's episode, The Heart That Lives Alone.

Christopher Forbes: 'Wow... wow... Ordinarily I'm quite the verbose man, but I am just stunned. Scott Handcock absolutely surpassed himself with episode four of The Confessions of Dorian Gray. What an amazing emotional journey over a mere half hour! So wonderful. Please pass on my congratulations while I go and wipe my eyes.'

Mog McIntyre: 'A 30min gem which grabs the colour palette of emotions & paints them on a canvas of companionship.'

Will Brooks: 'Oh, this series goes from strength to strength. Really loved this episode. The different settings and styles are so appealing - I feel like we're delving into another side of Dorian each week. Some real quality on show from writers and actors across this series - I hope they announce a series two soon!'

Ribs: 'Really enjoyed this one. Easily the strongest of the already strong run thus far - it was very much Withnail and I meets Dark Shadows. I do greatly hope these sell well enough to warrant a longer second series to go into production for release within the first half of next year.'

Smorgs: 'Loved it - The Lost Boys 80s thing and the great score - especially at the beginning - the symbolism of the main "creature'" etc. Another vote for more Dorian please!'

Nicholas Slayton: 'I'm quite enjoying the growing dread in @scott_handcock's Confessions of Dorian Gray. It's getting very dark. @vlavla is excellent in it.'

Madeleine Pearson: 'Props on the last #ConfessionsofDorianGray episode, that was brilliant and beautiful.'

chris606: 'The Heart that Lives Alone is an amazing story. Both characters somehow attract a level of compassion from me for the circumstances in which they find themselves whilst still being 'repulsive' given that there is no notion that their relationship with (love for) each other changes their casual disregard for humanity. Truly abject. Excellent.'

AgentGovag: '@scott_handcock Just finished latest Dorian Gray. Best thing I've EVER heard! @vlavla is perfect as DG. Great work guys... and thank you.'

Chris Dodd: 'Oh heavens, @scott_handcock , #DorianGray this week was beautiful and tragic and conflicting. Thank-you.'

Philip Price: 'Absolutely heart wrenching episode of Dorian Grey, @scott_handcock has done an unbelievably amazing job on this script.'

andymstark: 'May be feeling a bit emotional tonight. This week’s #doriangray really tugs at the heartstrings.'

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