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The Confessions of Dorian Gray Series Two Wraps

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Series Two Wraps

30 April 2013

This weekend, recording was completed on the second series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray - starring Alexander Vlahos as the titular immortal - and we're pleased to reveal that a few familiar faces have joined the cast!

Sarah Douglas - best known for her role of Ursa in the Superman movies - takes on the iconic role of Dorothy Parker in the third episode: David Llewellyn's Murder on 81st Street. Set in 1930s New York, Dorian and Dorothy are unexpectedly reunited, and immediately find themselves thrust into a supernatural murder mystery... where they're both inching towards the top of the suspect list!

'It's always a joy to have Sarah in studio,' says director Scott Handcock. 'She has such a dry sense of humour and turn of phrase, I knew she was the only person who could truly do David's script justice. And the chemistry that she and Alex share is brilliant. They're like an old married couple: genuine affection, but unafraid to puncture the other's ego from time to time. It's a fun new dynamic!'

Hugh Ross - who Big Finish fans will recognise as Sir Toby in Counter-Measures -  stars in the fourth episode: The Immortal Game by Nev Fountain.

'Alex and Hugh worked together on the John Simm version of Hamlet,' explains Scott, 'and - quite understandably - Alex has been asking if we can get him into the series ever since. I've been waiting for the right part - and then two came at once! Only Hugh could play multiple members of a single family and make them sufficiently similar but wildly different at the same time. He has menace and charm and melancholy... it's a wonderfully unpredictable performance in a play that keeps you guessing!'

Other guest stars for the series include actors David Menkin, Jolyon Westhorpe, Thomas Rees-Kaye and Louise Faulkner, with appearances from Miles Richardson, Marcus Hutton, Paul Jones and James Unsworth.

The five-part series is available to pre-order now ahead of its release from late July, on download for just £2.99 an episode, or £12.99 if you subscribe to the entire series. An adaptation of Oscar Wilde's original novel The Picture of Dorian Gray is also in production, and an hour-long Halloween special will follow in October.

Don't forget - you can also follow the series on Twitter @DorianGrayBFP for the latest news, competitions and updates!

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