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The Listeners - Doctor Who: The First Sontarans

The Listeners - Doctor Who: The First Sontarans

1 September 2016

Doctor Who writer Andrew Smith's first Big Finish script is the September Listeners title...

Doctor Who - The Lost Stories: The First Sontarans has been selected as this month's Big Finish Listeners title:

1872. After finding a strange signalling device on the moon, the Doctor and Peri travel to the depths of the English countryside to track down the source of its transmissions. But they're not the first aliens to arrive on the scene.

Old enemies of the Doctor are drawing their battle lines in the forest and the local humans will be lucky to escape the conflagration unscathed.

For hidden within this village is a deadly secret - a secret that could destroy the entire Sontaran race... and reveal the terrible mystery of their creation.

For the whole of September, Doctor Who - The Lost Stories: The First Sontarans will be available on Download for £2.99 - there's an article in the September copy of free in-house magazine Vortex about how the story came to audio reality as part of Big Finish's fascinating and epic series of might-have-beens, Doctor Who - The Lost Stories. For those interested in this range, money-saving bundles have been set up for each series of stories.

The Sontarans will be back in force later this month in Doctor Who - The War Doctor: Agents of Chaos as they try to force their way into the Time War. While in December the Doctor meets them for the first time in Doctor Who - The Early Adventures: The Sontarans. Doctor Who - The War Doctor can be bought as a collection at a discounted bundle, while the new series of Doctor Who - The Early Adventures is available via a value-for-money Subscription.

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