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The Listeners – Doctor Who: Grand Theft Cosmos for just £2.99!

The Listeners – Doctor Who: Grand Theft Cosmos for just £2.99!

1 April 2016

This April, Sheridan Smith returns to Big Finish! Before we steal her away for a Short Trip adventure, enjoy a classic outing for Lucie Miller and the Eighth Doctor, available to download for just £2.99!

'Here's to crime, Doctor!'

The Doctor and Lucie visit nineteenth-century Sweden and become embroiled in an attempt to steal the infamous Black Diamond of Claudia Tardelli. But they are not the only would-be thieves attempting the heist of the century; the Headhunter is back and this time she's brought a friend!

The Stone, however, is guarded by forces not of this world...

Written by Eddie Robson, Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Grand Theft Cosmos an all-action rematch between the Eight Doctor and the Headhunter: with their companions caught in-between! Starring Paul McGann, Sheridan Smith, Michael Maloney, Christopher Benjamin, Colin Spaull, Sebastian Armesto, Katarina Olsson and Louise Fullerton, this is one burglary you don't want to miss! Download your copy today for just £2.99.

Lucie Miller's travels continue this month in an all-new Doctor Who Short Trip, performed by Sheridan Smith. Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Curse of the Fugue is written by Alice Cavander and finds the travellers arriving in a power-cut plagued Seventies Britain.

Pre-order this exciting new Short Trip today for just £2.99, or subscribe to the entire 2016 or 2017 series of 12 titles for just £30 each. The 2015 run is also available as part of a bundle.

And for extra adventures, you can subscribe to the Doctor Who Main Range, where every three months an exclusive Short Trip is added to your account – including Doctor Who: The Horror at Bletchington Station by Chris Wing, a new story for the First Doctor and Dodo, available with subscriptions containing Doctor Who: The Peterloo Massacre.

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