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It’s fifty years since the Sontarans first appeared in Doctor Who, and the potato-headed aliens have been stomping all over the Whoniverse since, causing trouble for Time Lords and humanity alike, often in pursuit of victories in their endless war against the Rutans. 

The Sontarans vs Rutans mini-series explores that war from various angles. In the newly released third instalment, Born to Die by Tiegan Byrne, Sontarans on the rainforest planet Taxodon are mysteriously ending up dead. Caught in the middle are the Doctor (played by Colin Baker) and his companion Charley Pollard (India Fisher). 

For the Sixth Doctor, it’s a rematch with the alien baddies he first faced in 1985 TV story, The Two Doctors, and this isn’t the first time Charley’s encountered the Sontarans either. She also featured in the first Sontarans vs Rutans release, The Battle of Giant’s Causeway, which was set at an earlier point in her personal timeline, when she was travelling with Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. 

Born to Die also features a star-studded guest cast. Dan Starkey (known for playing many Sontarans on TV and audio) voices Cadet Skole, while Christopher Ryan (who played General Staal in 2008’s The Sontaran Stratagem) plays Field Major Trax. And as Commander Skein, impressionist Jon Culshaw plays a Sontaran for the first time. 

Sontarans vs Rutans: Born to Die is available to purchase for just £10.99 (collector's edition CD + download) or £8.99 (download only), exclusively here

When a trip to the planet Taxodon to see its native species, the Knox, goes wrong, the Doctor finds himself with mere hours to prove himself innocent of murdering a Sontaran. With more Sontarans dying, the Doctor and Charley need to work out what is killing them and why the Sontarans are even on Taxodon in the first place… if they have time… 


Colin Baker said: “I rather like the Sontarans, because they’re single-minded. They don’t detest or destroy everything, they just want to win! I’ve encountered them before, but I’ve never been involved in the whole Rutan internecine squabble, which is refreshing. 

“It’s also been rather lovely to work with India again, because my relationship with her character is a continuing mystery to me and to the Sixth Doctor.” 

India Fisher added: “Charley’s back with the Sixth Doctor, which is really lovely! Colin and I were trying to work out how long it’s been, and he thinks it’s been five or six years, which is scary. But I was really pleased to see the Sixth Doctor and Charley come back, and with the Sontarans again. 

“I’d already recorded The Battle of Giant’s Causeway with Paul, the Eighth Doctor, so Charley is back to her usual lying through her teeth to the Sixth Doctor, pretending that she doesn’t know who the Sontarans are, which is fun.” 

Jon Culshaw said: “Sontarans are one of my favourite enemies of the Doctors. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Linx in the final moments of part one of The Time Warrior. The way Kevin Lindsay played Linx – and later Field Major Styre – what a wonderful Sontaran he made, and I drew on his performance as much as I could. 

“To play opposite Dan Starkey and Christopher Ryan as well, the beloved Sontarans of this era, was such a thrill. I was quite giddy about that.” 

Big Finish listeners can order the complete Doctor Who – Sontarans vs Rutans series bundle for just £40 (collector's edition CD + download) or £32 (download only), exclusively here

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