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The Worlds of Big Finish - Savings on Dorian Gray

The Worlds of Big Finish - Savings on Dorian Gray

11 May 2015

We're counting down to The Worlds of Big Finish with a range of special offers - and this weekend, you can make some shadowy savings on Dorian Gray...

For the next 48 hours, you can enjoy a range of savings across our various Dorian Gray release - as portrayed by the one and only Alexander Vlahos!

Oscar Wilde's original novel is brought to life in The Picture of Dorian Gray - a full cast adaptation of the Victorian classic which first bought us the iconic anti-villain. You can enjoy this Big Finish Classic release for just £5 on CD or £2.99 to download.

From there, Dorian takes on a life of his own across The Confessions of Dorian Gray - brand new stories transposing the characters into new times and places. The Complete Series 1 & 2 Boxset is available for just £20 on CD (please note, this release does not come with free downloads of the stories).

Each of the ten regular stories featured in this set are also available for just £1 each on download, while the three specials - Ghosts of Christmas Past, The Prime of Deacon Brodie and The Mayfair Monster - can be bought for just £2.99 on download.

The Complete Series 3 Box Set brings us eight all new adventures, and is available for just £20 on CD, or £15 to download.

And finally, Dorian Gray visits the town of Collinsport in Dark Shadows: The Darkest Shadow - while a group of old enemies also puts in an appearance in Dark Shadows: The Skin Walkers. You can pick up these releases, based on the classic US supernatural series, for just £5 each on CD or £2.99 to download.

You can make further savings on some of these releases with the download only Worlds of Big Finish: Dorian Gray bundle - containing the individual releases from Series 1 and 2, the three specials, The Picture of Dorian Gray and the two Dark Shadows releases for just £25.

The Worlds of Big Finish, a four disc, six episode set, brings together seven heroes to face a threat from beyond the universe. Order now.

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