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Big Finish Doctor Who 15th Anniversary. Rob Shearman

Big Finish Doctor Who 15th Anniversary. Rob Shearman

24 July 2014

As part of our 15 Days of Big Finish, celebrating 15 years of Doctor Who audio adventures, Nick Briggs, Sue Cowley and Ian Atkins are chatting to writer Rob Shearman.

As many of you will know, Rob wrote the Chris Eccleston Doctor Who story Dalek, which was loosely based on his Big Finish Doctor Who story (starring Colin Baker) Jubilee. Here, Rob discusses that story along with two of his other classic adventures, The Holy Terror and The Chimes of Midnight.

For those of you who don't know Rob's work, this is an excellent introduction to his unique style (including trailers). For those of you who already know and love Rob's Doctor Who stories, it's a chance to sit back and enjoy some fascinating insights.

There's also a special competition, set by Rob himself... A brief Stars in Your Eyes moment as Nick plays Graeme Harper. And there's a very awkward argument, 'live' and 'on air'. Is it another podcast 'car-crash' or are we just joshing with you? You decide!

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