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Doctor Who in a Coffee Shop (December 2012 #1)

Doctor Who in a Coffee Shop (December 2012 #1)

5 December 2012

Remember that Big Finish competition where the prize was to have a cup of coffee with the Big Finish team in London? Well, here are two of the winners, discussing Doctor Who and more with us.

It's beginning to sound a tiny bit like Christmas...

Exec producer Nick Briggs, line producer David Richardson and Chicago TARDIS star Paul Spragg play host to loyal Big Finish listeners and competition winners Tony Cross and Simon Stevenson at an undisclosed location in London. Are Tony and Simon being held here against their will? You decide, as they ask us questions and tell us what's what! As well as Doctor Who, we discuss Merlin, Quatermass and Sylvester McCoy's dancing.

Will special guest star and ace Big Finish writer Jonny Morris ever turn up? And will there be some exciting news about some Christmas Podcasts from Big Finish? Is this just TOO MUCH excitement? Or just a load of seasonal hype? It's up to you, our loyal listeners, once again, to decide! (WARNING: recording a podcast in a coffee shop is quite difficult, so the sound quality does suffer a little. Apologies.)

You can download or stream this podcast right now. And don't forget, if you want to send in your thoughts or ask a question, you can contact us at

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