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Doctor Who, Listener Questions and More (October #06)

Doctor Who, Listener Questions and More (October #06)

18 October 2013

Because you foolishly demanded it! It's an epic podcast with Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg tackling your queries! Can they hold it all together or will this bold experiment fall apart in a matter of moments? Listen and decide!

Strap in, kids. After some messages asking for longer podcasts, Nick Briggs has decided that's exactly what's going to happen, so he and Paul Spragg are in the Big Finish offices with no plan, no rules and only your questions and comments to keep them company.

There's a look at assorted upcoming releases including Sherlock Holmes and a wealth of Doctor Who, a look at some art (which you can see attached to this podcast), plus a rummage through a host of your questions. How long can the podcast keep going? Will it be the longest one ever? Or will one or both of our hosts lose the will to live part-way through?

The answers are in the latest Big Finish podcast, which you can download or stream now! If you have any questions for the team, you can mail them in to

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