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Doctor Who's Jago and Litefoot and Facebook Mail (February #05)

Doctor Who's Jago and Litefoot and Facebook Mail (February #05)

21 February 2014

Back to the office for a brand new podcast extolling the virtues of Jago & Litefoot - on offer now! - and answering a raft of listener questions from Facebook.

Executive producer Nicholas Briggs and beautiful, sylph-like Paul Spragg are back once more to podcast with no clear idea of what they're doing. There's some feedback on Nick's collection of new music, some hearty plugging of this weekend's Jago & Litefoot special offer and a rummage through listener questions from Facebook - some of which may have been posted by people trying to derail the podcast Tsk. As if Nick and Paul needed the help.

You can send questions for future podcasts (plus competition entries) to the address.

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