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Doctor Who, Your Mail, Competitions and Teasers (March #001)

Doctor Who, Your Mail, Competitions and Teasers (March #001)

7 March 2013

It's time to drop by the office to find out how Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg are getting on, and to deal with some of your recent mail.

Nick Briggs has found time to drop by the office, and Paul Spragg has gamely (and gingerly) struggled in with a bad ankle to chat about... well, whatever weird tangents happen to occur to them, mainly. There's the answer to the previous competition, the setting of a brand new one, and a wealth of information offered on a wide range of topics.

How tall is Sarah Sutton? What's the Light at the End Collector's Edition going to look like? What was it that stopped Paul watching Snakedance as a child? What did Nick write in the waiting room at Waterloo East station?

All these questions and more are answered, plus there's the chance to hear the gentle, soothing rattle of gravy granules and some shameless plugging of foodstuffs Nick and Paul would like more of. Don't miss out - download or stream the new podcast now!

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