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February 2012 #3: Blake's 7 Special

February 2012 #3: Blake's 7 Special

14 February 2012

It's very much The David Richardson Show this week as he waxes lyrical about Big Finish's latest acquisition: Blake's 7!

You've had a chance to listen to the first release, volume one of The Liberator Chronicles (and if you haven't, there are clips to encourage you), but now we give you the opportunity to go behind the scenes as David speaks to the key players involved. Gareth Thomas (Blake), Michael Keating (Vila) and Anthony Howell (Nyrron) discuss their roles in the three opening stories, along with director Lisa Bowerman. Plus there's a thought-lost interview with Paul 'Avon' Darrow!

So, hop aboard the Liberator and get down (and safe) with Blake and his gang of ill-fated revolutionaries, revived for your listening pleasure and available for streaming or downloading now!

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