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Jago & Litefoot, Doctor Who and More! (December 2012 #4)

Jago & Litefoot, Doctor Who and More! (December 2012 #4)

18 December 2012

In the second of our week of Christmas podcasts, we're in the Moat Studios with two very special guests - Jago & Litefoot themselves, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter!

It's the second day of our week of Christmas podcasts, and Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg have popped into studio to join David Richardson and a cast of sterling acting talent for the latest Jago & Litefoot recording! And we couldn't resist a chance to get some of them in for a chat, so you can hear from Christopher 'Jago' Benjamin and Trevor 'Litefoot' Baxter, plus the multi-talented Alex Mallinson. Great bunch of lads.

As if that's not enough, you can find out what Nick, David, Paul and Alex's favourite releases of the year are, go behind the scenes on upcoming Dorian Gray Christmas special Ghosts of Christmas Past, get updates on Stargate and Dark Shadows and hear a succession of walk-outs. Will everyone be back in time for tomorrow's podcast? Tune in to find out!

And if you'd like to send in a question or comment for later in the week, mail us on

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