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July 2012 #3: Reunion Podcast

July 2012 #3: Reunion Podcast

18 July 2012

Because you foolishly demanded it! Yes, Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg find themselves in the same place at the same time and rustle up an 'as live' podcast.

It's been a while, but they're back. While David Richardson continues some important work away from the office, Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg settle down to entertain the troops with all manner of bits and pieces.

There's the long-awaited answer to, and winner of, the May podcast competition! An opportunity to learn what ADR means! Plugs for a variety of things, including Vortex, Stargate, baths and a play Nick's in!* Responses to a clutch of e-mails from our digital postbag! Seemingly endless trains! And Nick makes a heartfelt speech. They may go on a bit this week, but by crikey, every second is audio gold.**

Download or stream the new podcast now!

* One of these is not actually true.

** In their opinion.

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