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May 2012 #1: This Month's Releases

May 2012 #1: This Month's Releases

3 May 2012

Big Finish stalwarts Nick Briggs, David Richard and Paul Spragg are back, with special guest John Banks, for a look at May's releases, including a wealth of Doctor Who, plus Stargate SG-1, Blake's 7 and Dark Shadows! Plus: a new competition!

They're all back! Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Paul Spragg are in Moat Studios, ready to talk about this month's releases. And they're accompanied by man of a thousand voices John Banks! And, apparently, a famous poet who won't leave them alone.

Join them for a rummage through May's CD and download releases, including the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa riding a comet in The Jupiter Conjunction, Jamie having to solve a tricky puzzle in The Jigsaw War, the Sixth Doctor and Peri tackling a mass of Melkurseseses in The Guardians of Prophecy and the Fourth Doctor and Leela taking on the Master in Trail of the White Worm.

And that's not all! The first original Blake's 7 novel for twenty years, The Forgotten, is also out, alongside the latest addition to the Dark Shadows range, The Eternal Actress and the long-awaited return of Stargate SG-1 in box set form! You can hear about all of these releases and more in the new podcast.

Plus, we give the results and winners of our last competition and set a brand new one, and take some e-mails from listeners. All this in a packed podcast, which you can download or stream right now!

To enter the competition or to ask us questions, the e-mail address is

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