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November 2011 #01

November 2011 #01

2 November 2011

Nick and Paul are in the office for a mid-week melange of all things audio...

...and in a tribute to the early years of Doctor Who (and because Nick's short on time), the podcast is being recorded... as live!

Yes, there's no editing here ladies and gentlemen; it's a warts and all podcast featuring a healthy dose of mail from you, our gallant listeners, reminiscences about childhood, a reminder about the current competition and some more teasing clips of upcoming Big Finish releases.

Who will trip over his words first? Will someone accidentally swear or give away a deep, dark secret? How do you pronounce the word 'reification'? Yes, danger can be felt all around and... what's this? Someone even wants Nick Briggs replaced? Can it be true?

Find out in the latest in our ongoing saga, available for download and online streaming now. And if you have any comments, queries or critiques for future podcasts, please mail them in to

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