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September 2012 #2: Jumping-On Points

September 2012 #2: Jumping-On Points

28 September 2012

Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Paul Spragg choose their personal favourite points to 'jump on' and begin your Big Finish journey.

It's nearly the end of September, but there's just time to squeeze in a podcast! Executive producer Nick Briggs, line producer David Richardson and delightful oddity Paul Spragg pick out some of their favourites from the Big Finish Doctor Who catalogue which would make good jumping-on points for new listeners.

If you're new to Big Finish, why not try out some of these classic tales? If you've been enjoying our audios for a while, you could pick up some of the ones you've not yet heard. And if you've been with us for some time, why not dig these stories out of your archive and listen to them again!

Plus: TARDIS wallpaper and Dalek voices not by Nick! What is the world coming to? And don't forget that the closing date for our competition is 30th September; you can enter at but please mark your missive 'Competition'.

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