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The Toby Hadoke Comedy Podcast #1

The Toby Hadoke Comedy Podcast #1

21 February 2012

Here's what Toby Hadoke has to say about it:

'Thanks to Big Finish for recognising that there are many people out there with a sense of humour, who might be drawn to the sort of thing I do whether I mention Doctor Who or not. I was gainfully employed as a comedian for many years without ever mentioning Bandrils and Ray Phase Shifts and the limitations of Blinovitch, and people seemed quite happy to chortle, so I thought I should throw something out there where I manage to get to the end of a routine without mentioning the Daleks' inability to climb stairs (which, as we know, is the best joke to tell about Doctor Who). I used to produce loads of material every month for a topical show that ran for years at the Comedy Store, but getting everyone together began to be impractical so I had nowhere to put my less stand-up orientated ideas.
'Doing a podcast, I can get all the material out there whilst not shaving, changing out of my pyjamas, or even hiding the bodies. And that's a delight. The podcast should appeal to people who like my stuff. People who don't like my stuff will hate it, so if they listen they've only got themselves to blame, really. There'll be some topical gags which some will agree with and some won't; that's the nature of such things. Suffice to say, the opinions are purely my own (although in some cases I'll happily subjugate my own opinion for the sake of a better punchline) and do not represent the opinions of Big Finish or any of its representatives. Unless I say something unconscionably offensive and discriminatory, in which case it's entirely the opinion of Nicholas Briggs.'
For legal reasons, Nick wishes to stress that he disagrees strenuously with everything Toby Hadoke ever says. He'd also like to point out that Toby's podcast, although not overtly offensive (even though it does, at one point, contain the word 'poo') might offend the sensibilities of some listeners and is very probably not suitable for children. It also features Sarah Millican. Which is champion.

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