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2. Doctor Who: Excelis Rising

Doctor Who: Excelis Rising

Released April 2002

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A thousand years after his first visit to the planet Artaris, the Sixth Doctor returns. As the city of Excelis spreads her Empire throughout the globe, death follows a mysterious Relic through the halls of the Imperial Museum.
As the Doctor helps the Curator and the local authorities with this mystery, he finds himself crossing paths with a familiar face from Excelis' history - but no-one lives for a thousand years, do they?

Written By: David A McIntee
Directed By: Edward Salt


Colin Baker (The Doctor); Anthony Stewart Head (Reeve Maupassant); Charles Kay (The Curator); James Lailey (Minister Pryce); Nicky Goldie (Inquisitor Danby); Patricia Leventon (Mother Superior); Rupert Laight (Solomon); Toby Walton (Thief); David Darlington (Whispering Voice)

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