X1. Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Released December 2012

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Christmas, 1912. The funeral of an old friend brings Dorian back to London. But when his painting is stolen, Dorian is blackmailed into committing a terrible murder. Only one man can help him: a retired consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes... the man he has to kill.

Note: The Confessions of Dorian Gray contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

Written By: Tony Lee
Directed By: Scott Handcock


Alexander Vlahos (Dorian Gray), Nicholas Briggs (Sherlock Holmes), Rupert Young (James Moriarty), Rebecca Newman (Sibyl Vane), Richard Nichols (Alan Campbell), Seán Carlsen (Billy), Wilf Scolding (Receptionist), Lorna Rose Harris (Maid), Antonio Rastelli (Messenger), Alexander Griffin-Griffiths (Man), Sophie Melville (Woman)