01. Judge Dredd: Wanted - Dredd or Alive

Judge Dredd: Wanted - Dredd or Alive

Released March 2002


Justice is under threat in the Big Meg. The Frendz crime syndicate has a new leader, the Boss, who is openly defying the Law. Worse still, a fatal disease is driving Judges insane, turning them into psychotic killers.

After a lifetime's training, Rookie Amy Steel is being assessed by Joe Dredd to see if she is ready to become a Judge. When Dredd begins acting strangely, Steel can't believe he has the deadly disease.

But when the legendary lawman attacks her, Steel has to report him. Judge Dredd is wanted - dead or alive!

Written By: David Bishop
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Toby Longworth (Judge Dredd), Claire Buckfield (Cadet Amy Steel), Teresa Gallagher (Chief Judge Hershey), Regina Reagan (Enigma Smith), Jeremy James (Control), Stewart Alexander (Cadet Baker)