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After the Break-Up - A Girl's Guide (Audiobook)

After the Break-Up - A Girl's Guide (Audiobook)

Out in May


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What do you do when the One turns out not to be the One after all? When your dream home is snatched away from you, unfinished Schreiber kitchen units and all, and your dog is sent to live with your parents? When you suddenly have to find a flatmate, a way to pay the rent, a reason to keep going and maybe… ultimately… a new boyfriend?

Sharp, funny and hugely entertaining, Carrie Sutton charts her life in the year following the Big Break-Up. The bad dates… the good friends… the times when you think you can’t go on and the moment when you realise that you are finally okay on your own. If you’ve just experienced a Big Break-Up and need some cheering up, a bit of friendly advice and a few practical tips – this is the book for you! Reading this book is like talking to your best friend over a large glass of wine. Uplifting, truthful and wise. As a feel-good remedy, it does everything except order you a cab home at the end of the evening!

Carrie is a professional actress who has worked extensively in theatre, having studied at the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts. Her West End credits include Imagine This and Cabaret and she has also appeared in touring shows such as Cats. Film and television credits include King Bastard, Buried Alive and As the Afternoon Settles.

“Carrie Sutton writes with style, wit and insight about a problem we’ve all had to face at some point in our lives. It’s a must-read for those who’ve just come out of a relationship – a blueprint for survival for women and a lesson for men!” Alistair McGowan

Written By: Carrie Sutton


Carrie Sutton (Narrator)

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