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2.01. Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem/The Empty House

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem/The Empty House

Released October 2011

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'Nicholas Briggs adaptation is note perfect, as is his portrayal of Holmes...'
'Richard Earl is masterful as Watson...'
The Final Problem
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Adapted by Nicholas Briggs

Sherlock Holmes visits his good friend Dr John Watson… but Holmes is not his usual, composed and supremely confident self. He is a hunted man. Having unearthed the criminal mastermind behind the greatest crimes in the land, Holmes has found himself a fugitive. But the Great Detective already has a plan in motion. It will not be long before his arch foe, Professor Moriarty, is in custody. If only Holmes and Watson can manage to stay alive in the meantime.
The Empty House
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Adapted by Nicholas Briggs

Still lamenting the death of his valued friend and colleague Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson finds himself intrigued by a murder case. But as he begins his investigations, a strange old man enters his consulting room. Could it be that Sherlock Holmes is back from the dead, and even now working to solve a murder? The game is once again afoot!
'Richard Earl is masterful as Watson, carrying the burden of the story. He sounds a youngish and bright version of Holmes’s friend and has a wonderful way of subtly bringing the action to life. Nick Briggs is a fine Holmes, enigmatic and dramatic by turns... If you like your dramatised Holmes unadulterated, strong on atmosphere and rich in detail, this is the CD for you.' The Sherlock Holmes Journal
'Nicholas Briggs adaptation is note perfect, as is his portrayal of Holmes, and when Holmes finally faces Moriarty, played by Alan Cox (who, fact-fans, also played Watson in ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’), the tension is incredible, reaching out to grip you by your throat, almost dragging you into the room as each man tries to gain a psychological edge over the other as they prepare for their inevitable confrontation... Briggs is again superb as Conan Doyle’s most famous creation, and Richard Earl is a perfect foil, his portrayal of Watson ensuring that the most famous of crime solving duo’s remain just that, a duo, the emphasis never shifting and never favouring either character, allowing both characterisation and story to shine. Superb. Simply superb…' Tim, Mass Movement

Written By: Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle - Adapted by Nicholas Briggs
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs & Ken Bentley


Nicholas Briggs (Sherlock Holmes), Richard Earl (Dr Watson), Alan Cox (Moriarty), John Banks (Lestrade/Moran), Beth Chalmers (Mrs Hudson)


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