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Audiobook special offers

Audiobook special offers

8 February 2019

If you’re looking for some great stories, biographies or classics to see you through February, Big Finish has you covered. This weekend we’ve many special offers on our download audiobooks. Narrated by our favourite stars, there’s a whole variety of releases to choose from.

Download some new audiobooks at special offer prices. Head to URL and enter access code DIGITAL. Prices start from just £1.99. Offers end 23:59 (UK time) on Monday 11th February 2019 – so don’t delay!

Please note, some of these are very large download files so do be aware of any data-charges your network may incur, and that you will need twice the filestore available on your computer or device to unzip the file.

If you’ve just started Series 8 of The Fourth Doctor Adventures, why not tune into Tom Baker at 80?

Or you could listen to Fourth Doctor companion actor Jane Slavin’s original novel, Writing on the Water.

For a more traditional Big Finish tale why not try EarthSearch: Mindwarp by James Follett.

Fans of The Omega Factor could listen to alternate Jack Gerson stories adapted into audiobooks. These audiobooks are also available in bundles, helping you save even more money.

For lovers of classic Hollywood, there’s Marilyn and Sinatra. You know their names but you didn’t know their love story… until now! Adapted from the hit stage play of the same name and exhaustively researched, Marilyn & Sinatra dramatises the little-known tale of the rollercoaster relationship between Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Available as part of this special offer at just £1.99.

Marilyn and Sinatra

For those wishing to broaden their literary horizons, how about some classics from Textbook Stuff, available for the first time on special offer. You could try classic horror from literary heavyweights such as Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker, MR James and Edgar Allen Poe.

Or Classic Poetry such as Christina Rosetti read by Miriam Margoyles.

All the Textbook Stuff releases are also available in poetry bundles or horror bundles for further savings.

Head to URL and enter access code DIGITAL to get these download audiobook titles at the special offer prices. Offers end 23:59 (UK time) on Monday 11th February 2019, so move fast!

Plus, don’t forget that starting this year some of our classic Bernice Summerfield books are being released on audio. Five new audiobooks produced by Xanna Eve Chown will be released in 2019–2020.

Read by Benny actor herself, Lisa Bowerman, these audiobooks will take us back to the turn of the millennium unlocking some of the important moments of Benny’s life at the Braxiatel Collection, her past love, and the birth of her son Peter.

And The Confessions of Dorian Gray also returns with a new release, The Lost Confessions. As announced yesterday, three brand-new readings of unmade stories from The Confessions of Dorian Gray are narrated by Alexander Vlahos in The Lost Confessions.

These stories, based on un-made scripts by Scott Handcock, have been adapted by Scott Harrison. Each takes Dorian from the darkest parts of Earth’s history to beyond the reaches of human understanding, and far far beyond our time… 

More information on these and many new audiobooks is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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