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Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: Starborn and Benny: Adorable Illusion Now Out!

Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: Starborn and Benny: Adorable Illusion Now Out!

13 March 2014

Vicki is told that if she leaves in the TARDIS she'll die in the latest instalment of our Doctor Who Companion Chronicles range, Starborn - out now! Meanwhile, in new novel Adorable Illusion, Bernice Summerfield finds herself in the tightest of tight spots...

On a visit to early 20th Century Earth, Vicki receives a warning - if she leaves in the TARDIS, then she will die.

Unable to join her friends, Vicki is given an audience by a psychic called Violet, who contacts voices beyond this mortal plain.

And one of those voices is Vicki herself, who reveals what will happen at the ship’s next landing place - and what terrible fate awaits...

Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: Starborn stars Maureen O'Brien as Vicki with Jacqueline King as Violet. It's available for download now, and CD copies are being posted out today.

Also out today is the latest Bernice Summerfield novel, Adorable Illusion, tying in to last year's Missing Persons box set.

Dear Peter

Hope this finds you. Goodness only knows how. But these things have a way of working out. Sometimes.

Look, I'm on this huuuuge dreadnought ship with Jack, lost in space. And it's got a hole in the middle. I mean, who builds a ship with a hole in it? Well, presumably someone did.

Not that I'm surprised - the Robot pilot's a drunk, the doctor's a vet and the cook is a Madras (literally - the guy making our dinner is a living curry) and the priest is a born-again atheist. I ask you - how do I get into these situations? No, no don't answer that.

Anyway, the hole in the ship is getting larger, I have to get the passengers (ie prisoners) from one end to the other, and it's about to crash into a living sun (don't ask).

People are disappearing into the hole, and then coming back. But different. Not quite so nice (and they were no bundles of fun to start with).

Oh yes, and then there's the monsters. They were locked up.  Then they weren't. Which Jack says is my fault. Which may be true. And they want to eat us.

Quite why they call this ship The Adorable is, frankly, beyond me.

Anyway, assuming I survive monsters, holes, criminals and a walking curry, hope to see you soon.

Much love


aka Professor Bernice Summerfield

aka Prisoner 442

Damn. Forgot to mention the "I'm here 'cos I murdered someone" bit…

The ebook versions of Bernice Summerfield: Adorable Illusion are now available, and hardback copies are being posted today.

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