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Dorian Gray and Blake's 7 Stars Join Dark Shadows!

Dorian Gray and Blake's 7 Stars Join Dark Shadows!

5 March 2014

Big Finish is pleased to announce further casting details for Dark Shadows: The Darkest Shadow - Alexander Vlahos and Jan Chappell! Written by Nev Fountain, writer of the award-winning The Eternal Actress, the story sees the return of immortal, star-crossed lovers Quentin Collins and Amanda Harris. Quentin is played by David Selby who voices Commissioner Gordon in the animated series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and who recently starred in The Social Network. Amanda is played by Tony Award-winning Donna McKechnie, who has recently toured the US and the UK with her one-woman show Same Place: Another Time.

Dark Shadows: The Darkest Shadow sees Amanda being cast as herself in a feature film that seems to be based on her own life and the events that took place in the mysterious house of Collinwood over fifty years before.

“It's a brilliant script,” says co-producer Joseph Lidster. “With it being by Nev, It's obviously very clever and funny, but it's also incredibly moving. It's a big budget feature-length version of Dark Shadows and with Nev's imagination being what it is, we decided that the story would need to be told over two discs but still sold for the price of a single-disc release!”

The story also sees another immortal, Dorian Gray, crossing over into the Dark Shadows universe! Alexander Vlahos (Merlin, Privates) stars in Big Finish's critically-acclaimed The Confessions of Dorian Gray series.

“It was actually Scott Handcock's idea,” says Lidster. “The character of Quentin was based on Dorian Gray and we'd joked about the two immortals meeting. When Nev sent me his idea for The Darkest Shadow, there was a moment in the story where we thought it could work so we went for it.”

Also joining the cast are Jan Chappell (Blake's 7) as the mysterious Dorcas Hanley and Denise Nickerson (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) as Elspeth Gardner.

Trailers for the previous two Dark Shadows releases, Carriage of the Damned and The Devil Cat also now available.

Dark Shadows: The Darkest Shadow will be released in June but is available to pre-order now.

Dark Shadows (1966-1971) was a US TV series which told the story of the cursed Collins family. Set in the town of Collinsport, it featured witches, vampires, werewolves and warlocks plotting and scheming against each other. It was remade as a film starring Johnny Depp.

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