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12 Days of Big Finishmas – Writing on the Water

12 Days of Big Finishmas – Writing on the Water

2 January 2019

On the ninth day of Big Finishmas, Big Finish gave to me… a gripping story by our new Fourth Doctor companion. The audiobook of Jane Slavin's novel about obsessional love and desire is read by the author.

Writing on the Water by Jane Slavin is now available at just £2.99 on download during Big Finishmas.

Have you ever loved someone enough to die for them? Or even kill for them...?

Ellen Millar is an independent soul. An actress whose star is in the ascendant, she also has a partially decorated flat, a mountain of debt and some seriously good friends to sustain her. Into the equation of her life comes Aedan. An Irishman. Their attraction is instant; their affair intense and all-consuming. This five-day courtship is the prelude to a life together, until Aedan returns to Ireland and realizes that some emotional entanglements are impossible to untie.

Reviews for Writing on the Water:

“An astonishing novel… Brilliant on the theme of obsessional love; funny, sexy, painful and totally readable.” Fay Weldon

Jane Slavin’s first novel has more pace and panache than any other fiction I have read this year...Slavin writes cleverly about sex and touchingly about the displacement activities of the broken-hearted. Clearly, she is indecently talented.” Rose Tremain (Daily Telegraph, Book of the Year)

“A vivacious first novel tracing the progress of an independent young woman’s descent into obsession.” Sally Feldman (Pick of the Paperbacks, Good Housekeeping)

Jane told us about the origins of Writing on the Water at the release of the audiobook: "I was as proud and excited as a big rainbow-coloured peacock... David Richardson asked me if I’d like to make an audio of the book after we'd done an epic six or seven days in studio with Tom Baker. The days with Tom are the days that you come away utterly happy and at peace and inspired, and aching from too much laughter and too many of Tom's macaroons!"

PLEASE NOTE: Writing on the Water contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Head to page and use offer code KRAMPUS to access Writing on the Water at the special Big Finishmas price of just £2.99. Offers end at 23:59 (UK time) on 07/01/2019, so don’t miss out.

We'll have new Big Finishmas offers each day until January 5th, so make sure you keep an eye on the website to spot all the goodies!

Jane Slavin will also be playing a new companion for the Fourth Doctor later this month. WPC Ann Kelso joins Big Finish in The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 8, and we can’t wait.

When the Doctor decides to trace an anomalous energy signature on twentieth century Earth, he stumbles into an assassination attempt.

Gangland thugs are trying to murder a seemingly innocent shopkeeper, and it’s only the intervention of the Doctor and Ann Kelso – a WPC who happens to be on the scene – that prevents a tragedy.

But why do the gangsters want the shopkeeper dead? And what does this have to do with alien technology?

The first stages of a grand conspiracy are about to be revealed. And finding the answers will take Ann Kelso on a journey like no other.

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