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1963: First of the Doctor Who Covers

1963: First of the Doctor Who Covers

22 July 2013

We're delighted to be able to bring you the splendid cover to the first of the anniversary 1963 main range releases, Doctor Who: Fanfare for the Common Men.

If you remember the Sixties, they say, then you can’t have been there.

The Doctor remembers the Sixties. That’s why he’s taking Nyssa on a trip back to November 1963. Back to where it all began. Back to the birth of the biggest band in the history of British music. Back to see those cheeky lads from Liverpool...

Mark, James and Korky. The Common Men. The boys who made the Sixties swing with songs like Oh, Won’t You Please Love Me?, Just Count To Three and Who Is That Man.

The Doctor remembers the Sixties. And there’s something very wrong with the Sixties, if the Beatles no longer exist…

Doctor Who: Fanfare for the Common Men begins a trilogy of tales set in 1963 and stars Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor (the role he played on TV between 1981 and 1984) and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa (as seen on TV between 1981 and 1983). It's written by Eddie Robson, directed by Barnaby Edwards, and also stars Mitch Benn (musical comedy maestro from Radio 4's The Now Show) and Ryan Sampson (Luke Rattigan in Doctor Who's The Poison Sky/The Sontaran Stratagem, but more recently Thomas in BBC Four comedy Up the Women).

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