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Doctor Who: Afterlife Announced

Doctor Who: Afterlife Announced

16 July 2013

It's time to announce the final release of the year: it's Doctor Who: Afterlife and it stars Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Philip Olivier, with a rather special supporting cast!

We're in studio today recording the December Doctor Who main range release: Doctor Who: Afterlife. Following on from the shocking events of last year's Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters, we find the Doctor and Ace looking back at Hex's life.

Doctor Who: Afterlife stars Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor (seen on TV from 1987-1989, and in the 1996 TV movie) alongside Sophie Aldred as Ace and Philip Oliver as Hex, appearing in flashback. It guest stars Amy Pemberton as Sally Morgan, and Jean Boht - best known from her role as legendary matriarch Nellie Boswell in Bread - as Hilda Schofield, Hex's nan.

Writer Matt Fitton says: 'Even though I knew what was coming, the end of Gods and Monsters left me drained. There's no doubt the aftermath of those events puts the Doctor and Ace in a very dark place. And that's what I wanted to explore in Afterlife. Has Ace's faith finally been shattered? And what does the player of games do when he's run out of moves? Hex may be gone, but I wanted him to loom large over this story as Ace makes the Doctor face the consequences of his actions. In doing so, they pay tribute to Thomas Hector Schofield, seeking out his family and friends to tell them something of his adventures. Meanwhile one Private Sally Morgan is trying to find her own peace, which brings her to 2020's Liverpool too... Perhaps by remembering Hex, they can all move on. But is it the end of the road, or a new beginning?'

You'll have to wait until December to find out! And don't forget that if your subscription includes this release, you'll also get Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard absolutely free!

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