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August discounts – last chance

August discounts – last chance

29 August 2018

Don’t miss the chance to save money by taking advantage of the pre-order prices on some of our recent releases – only available until the end of this month. There are three very different box sets still available at their pre-order price.

She’s back, and it’s about time! In Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter, Georgia Tennant returned as Jenny in four new adventures released in June.

She's got planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat... and an awful lot of running to do! If you’ve not already got it, make sure you pick up Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter at its pre-order price before the end of this month.

The third series in our Big Finish Originals came out at the end of July. Jeremiah Bourne in Time, a new series by Nigel Planer, is a time-travel tale with twists and turns, from an all-star cast. Launched to fantastic reviews, this series should not be missed!

Jeremiah Bourne is a boy with a remarkable gift. He can travel in time. Not by using a time machine, or stepping through a dimensional portal. It just happens to him, as though by accident. One minute he’s in the present day, the next, he’s a hundred years in the past, standing in the London of 1910.

Callan – the sixties TV spy classic – returned on audio at the beginning of July. Starring Ben Miles and Frank Skinner, four new files opened for Callan in these audio tales adapted from series creator James Mitchell’s Sunday Express Short Stories by his son Peter Mitchell.

David Callan works for The Section, a top-secret counter-espionage organisation. He’s a killer, a trained assassin, and the best at what he does. But that doesn’t mean he has to like it. With the aid of the burglar Lonely; fellow operative Meres; and Section secretary Liz, Callan fulfils the orders of departmental head Hunter and finds himself in very murky waters.

Murder, betrayal and model soldiers. It’s all in a day’s work for Callan.

Make sure you pick up volume one of Callan at its pre-order price today. Or you can save more money by purchasing Callan Volumes One and Two together in a bundle.

Which of these releases has been your favourite so far? Do let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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