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Bernice Summerfield: New Frontiers Details Announced

Bernice Summerfield: New Frontiers Details Announced

8 January 2013

Following on from the recent release of Legion, Big Finish is pleased to announce details for its next Bernice Summerfield box set - New Frontiers. Bernice Summerfield first appeared in the Doctor Who Virgin New Adventures novels, and now leads her own spin-off range.

Out in April 2013, New Frontiers comprises three brand-new adventures. The first, A Handful of Dust, is written by regular Big Finish contributor Xanna Eve Chown, and finds Bernice, Ruth and Jack answering an unlikely distress call from Nemeqit (allegedly the most haunted planet in the cosmos)!

The second tale, HMS Surprise, has been written by actor Alexander Vlahos (Merlin, The Confessions of Dorian Gray) and takes place within a derelict, abandoned shipyard: Mortis Dock. Creaking jettys and sinster shadows make for a tense and unsual adventure for the Bernice gang, where not everything is quite as simple as it may at first seem.

The third and final story, The Curse of Fenman, has been written by Bernice Summerfield producer and director Gary Russell, and ties up a lot of ongoing story threads that have been developing in recent box sets... and beyond.

'Long term Bernice Summerfield fans might recognise the Fenman name,' says co-producer Scott Handcock. 'She has quite a pivotal part in Benny lore - she was responsible for the birth of (Bernice's son) Peter, after all - and yet she's never appeared in the audio series... until now! Gary was very keen to wrap up a few ongoing mysteries for Benny fans, but we were also very mindful of telling a good, solid story as we did so - and by bringing Avril Fenman into the mix, there's a very good reason for everything coming to a head the way it does! It's also the first time all five of our regulars have been in studio at the same time. It really is a huge story to end the season!'

The Curse of Fenman features Georgia Moffett (Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter, Spooks: Code 9) as the titular Avril Fenman, with Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies as well as Doctor Who: The Skull of Sobek) as the mysterious Antonio. Other guest stars for the series include Charlie Hayes, Peter Sheward, Ellen Salisbury, Geoffrey Breton and David Benson.

New Frontiers is now available to pre-order on CD and download, and will also have a tie-in book. Details to be announced. A bundle is available to pre-order the box set and book together.

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