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Blake's 7 - 35% Off Weekend

Blake's 7 - 35% Off Weekend

27 January 2017

For the whole weekend we're offering a 35% discount across all of our Blake's 7 ranges!

Until 23:59 (UK time) on Monday 30th January, using a single discount code "B735OFF" will enable you to get 35% off any of our Blake's 7 CDs, Downloads, books and e-books! This code must be used to get the discount.

Choose from any of our full-cast Blake's 7 adventures starring Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell and more:

Or there are the 12 volumes of Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles, featuring members of the Blake's 7 cast in award-winning narrated adventures:

Or maybe you'd prefer some of our books, including new Blake's 7 adventures in hardback, e-book or audiobook, alongside works from Paul Darrow such as the Blake's 7 - Lucifer tales, his autobiography You're Him, Aren't You? or maybe Call Me Jacks - Jacqueline Pearce in Conversation?

Simply add any Blake's 7 titles into your website basket, and when checking out, click on the link for "If you have a discount code, enter it here" and enter the code B735OFF - seven characters, all letters in capitals, with no leading or following spaces.

This code will work for all Blake's 7 titles, including the various Blake's 7 Bundles. Note that for the duration of the weekend these bundles are at their full price so make sure you're using the discount code when buying!

That code again - B735OFF

Watch this space for news on future Blake's 7 releases from Big Finish.

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