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Blake's 7: The Forgotten - Original Novel

Blake's 7: The Forgotten - Original Novel

14 December 2011

The first of Big Finish’s original Blake’s 7 novels - The Forgotten - is set for publication in May 2012. The books are being released in a licence deal with B7 Enterprises.

Written by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott, The Forgotten is set between the TV episodes Mission to Destiny and Duel, where rebels Blake, Avon, Cally, Jenna, Vila and Gan are still coming to terms with their new life aboard the Liberator.

After carrying out a successful attack against a Federation communications station on Xantos Beta, the Liberator is hounded by Travis into an area of negative space – an area that appears blank on all star charts. As the Liberator penetrates deeper into the sector, the journey become increasingly erratic, and Jenna struggles to keep the ship under control as Zen goes offline and all systems shut down. The abandoned space station they see looming ahead seems like the crew’s only chance of survival. But they don’t know what is waiting for them on board… or that their troubles have only just started.

Cavan Scott and Mark Wright have been writing together for over ten years, and are best known for the Doctor Who audio dramas featuring The Forge, which began with Project: Twilight in 2001. The Forge returned in Project: Lazarus (2003), Project: Destiny (2010) and the original novel Project: Valhalla (2005). They are also the producers of Big Finish’s range of Iris Wildthyme audios, featuring Katy Manning, which is due to return in 2012.

Fans of Blake’s 7 since the broadcast of The Way Back in 1978, Cavan and Mark are thrilled to be working on one of the first new Blake’s 7 novels in over 25 years.

"I remember making a teleport bracelet after Blue Peter did a feature all those years go, and playing Blake's 7 in the school playground," says Mark. "To now be creating a new adventure for the original crew of the Liberator is one of those dream jobs that comes along every now and then."

“It’s a real privilege to be part of Big Finish’s Blake’s 7 revival,” adds Cavan. “The challenge is to create a modern adventure that remains true to the exciting, gritty universe that Terry Nation created all those years ago. I hope we do Blake and co proud!”

The Forgotten is available to pre-order now in hardback.

A series of enhanced audiobooks entitled Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles is also being released by Big Finish, available from February 2012.

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