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Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles Vol 4 and Lucifer Released

Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles Vol 4 and Lucifer Released

3 May 2013

Roj Blake and his band of freedom fighters are back in three brand new Blake's 7 audio stories, and a new original novel by Avon himself, Paul Darrow - both released today!

Volume 4 of Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles is set during the first season of Terry Nation's acclaimed science fiction series, as Blake and the crew of their advanced spaceship Liberator attempt to save the galaxy from the oppressive rule of the Federation.

Promises is written by Nigel Fairs, and is performed by Jan Chappell as Cally, who finds herself face to face with Blake's sworn enemy Space Commander Travis (Stephen Greif). What secret from the past binds them both together?

Epitaph marks Sally Knyvette's debut in the range, returning to the role of Jenna alongside Michael Keating as Vila. Scott Harrison's script finds the pair answering a call from the friend from Jenna's past - the start of a journey that will take them into the most dire peril.

Finally, Kerr by Nick Wallace stars Jacqueline Pearce as Supreme Commander Servalan alongside Paul Darrow as the enigmatic Kerr, in which Servalan has secured a cloned copy of Avon, which she intends to use to bring down the Liberator crew.

But that's not all! Also out today is the latest original Blake's 7 novel, this time written by none other than Paul Darrow, aka Avon! Lucifer explores the aftermath of the cataclysmic end of the TV series while also examining Avon at other periods in his life. Find out the true story of Avon's life from the man who knows him best!

All of these titles are now available for download. CD and book copies will be posted out today. The audiobook version of Lucifer will follow later.

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