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Brand New: Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctors

Brand New: Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctors

28 September 2016

In partnership with Bastei Lubbe, Big Finish revisit 2013 for a new take on their Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctors...

In 2013, one of Big Finish's most popular celebrations of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary was Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctors, eleven single-disc releases, one from each incarnation of the Doctor's life read by actors associated with these evocative times for the series:

Hunters of Earth by Nigel Robinson, with Carole Ann Ford
Shadow of Death by Simon Guerrier, with Frazer Hines
Vengeance of the Stones by Andrew Smith, with Richard Franklin
Babblesphere by Jonathan Morris, with Lalla Ward
Smoke and Mirrors by Steve Lyons, with Janet Fielding
Trouble in Paradise by Nev Fountain, with Nicola Bryant
Shockwave by James Swallow, with Sophie Aldred
Enemy Aliens by Alan Barnes, with India Fisher
Night of the Whisper by Mark Wright & Cavan Scott, with Nicholas Briggs
Death's Deal by Darren Jones, with Catherine Tate
The Time Machine by Matt Fitton, with Jenna Coleman

Today we're delighted to announce that we've teamed up Bastei Lubbe for the immediate release of a new box set, collecting together all eleven tales in Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor: The Complete Adventure on Download and CD. Both formats come with the behind-the-scenes bonus documentary Meeting Destiny, which was only previously available in a now long-deleted Limited Edition.

Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor: The Complete Adventure can be bought for £25 on Download, or £30 for the 12-CD set (which also instantly unlocks a download).

Downloaders please be warned: these are very sizeable files which may incur data-charges on mobile phone networks.

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