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Bright Future for Jago & Litefoot

Bright Future for Jago & Litefoot

19 April 2013

Jago and Litefoot are back in their own time and now working by Royal Appointment in the Series Six of the popular audio drama, which is released in November.

Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter first played the roles of theatre impresario Henry Gordon Jago and pathologist Professor George Litefoot in the TV story Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang in 1977. Wind forward over three decades, and they have found their own following at Big Finish in their own Jago & Litefoot range…

Series six kicks off with The Skeleton Quay by Jonathan Morris, in which Jago and Litefoot meet the mysterious Colonel (Geoffrey Whitehead), and are signed up to work for the Crown. Their first mission is a trip to the Suffolk coast, where strangely ghostly sightings have been glimpsed in the dense sea fog. Francesca Hunt plays Camilla Tevelyan, while Keith Bartlett is Isaac Pawley.

In Return of the Repressed by Matthew Sweet, Jago seeks help from none other than mental pathologist Sigmund Freud (Adrian Lukis), but what will Freud’s examinations reveal?

A deadly threat to the realm is revealed in Military Intelligence by George Mann, in what is perhaps Jago & Litefoot’s first major step into steampunk storytelling. Nancy Carroll plays Agatha, while Timothy Speyer is Drucker

The series concludes with The Trial of George Litefoot by Justin Richards, in which the professor is framed for murder and on trial for his life – and needs the best lawyer in London to defend him….  David Timson guest stars as Morpeth.

The series also sees the return of Conrad Asquith as Sergeant Quick, while Lisa Bowerman again plays Ellie.

Series Seven and Eight of Jago & Litefoot will be released in 2014.

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