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Charlotte Pollard Series One Now Available for Pre-Order!

Charlotte Pollard Series One Now Available for Pre-Order!

30 January 2014

She's travelled with the Eighth and Sixth Doctors and now she's going it alone! Charlotte Pollard, played by the ever-magnificent India Fisher, returns in May in her own series - and you can pre-order it now!

Charlotte Pollard’s adventures are over. She escaped death aboard the R101 and travelled in the TARDIS - but now in the service of the monolithic, unknowable Viyrans, their unending mission is stifling her. An encounter with would-be adventurer Robert Buchan, near the mysterious Ever-and-Ever-Prolixity, provides the opportunity Charley needs for escape…

So, the adventuress is abroad once more: meeting a lost expedition in uncharted forests, solving enigmas, and hoping beyond hope to see the people she misses most: her family. But Charley cannot run forever. The Viyrans know the power of the ‘Lamentation Cipher’ and they have a solution… for everything.

Starring India Fisher as Charley, Michael Maloney as the Viyrans, Louise Brealey as Millicent and a couple more guests we're keeping up our sleeve for now, Charlotte Pollard: Series One contains four brand new adventures and an extra bonus disc! It's available now for pre-order, and the price will increase on release.

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