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Congratulations to the Prisoner and the Avengers!

Congratulations to the Prisoner and the Avengers!

28 September 2015

Two classic television series have just been voted into the top ten ITV programmes of all time – and you can rediscover them with Big Finish!

ITV celebrated 60 years of television broadcasting last week – and Radio Times polled 5,000 of its readers to choose the greatest ITV show of all time. Both The Avengers and The Prisoner made the Top Ten List, joining such beloved classics as Thunderbirds, The Professionals and Coronation Street.

Thanks to Big Finish, you can rediscover both of these beloved series with our range of audio box-sets. The Avengers: The Lost Episodes authentically recreates the original adventures of the classic crime-fighting series, starring Julian Wadham and Anthony Howell as Steed and Keel; the investigatory duo made famous by Patrick Macnee and Ian Hendry. Volumes 1-4 are available now, with three further volumes available to pre-order.

The colour years of the Avengers are also heading to Big Finish, with the release of The Avengers – Steed And Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1 in April 2016. The first of two new volumes brings to life the classic Diana comic strips from 1966-67, and will once again pair John Steed with the wonderful Mrs. Emma Peel – a much-loved cult TV character whose casting for Big Finish will be revealed very soon! You can pre-order both box-sets today, as well as a Graphic Novel collection of the original strips - with a bundle of all three releases also available.

Finally, our highly-anticipated recreation of The Prisoner is about to be unveiled, with a fantastic new trailer debuting tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th of September – 48 years to the day the original series premiered on ITV!

The series follows a British secret agent, who after resigning finds himself with an imposed identity -- “Number Six”. He's now imprisoned in 'The Village' – a bizarre community with a cheery veneer, but an underbelly of mystery and threat. The authorities running this Village are intent on discovering why Number Six resigned – but it's a secret he steadfastly refuses to divulge. As the drama unfolds, the authorities, in the guise of the sinister Number Two, try ever more ingenious and aggressive means to bend Number Six to their will. All the while, Number Six is intent on two aims: to escape and to find out 'Who is Number One?'

You can pre-order The Prisoner: Volume 1 today. The release contains four one-hour episodes and a Behind-the-Scenes audio documentary, with the CD version shipping with a lavish colour booklet.

Join us tomorrow for the trailer's unveiling. Until then though, you can hear a sneak preview of the series' new theme on the latest instalment of the Big Finish Podcast. Click here to listen now!

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