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Countdown to Companion Chronicle Day

Countdown to Companion Chronicle Day

21 October 2011

Only a few hours to go before the start of Companion Chronicles Day! For the whole of Saturday 22 October you'll be able to pick up the first four Doctor Who Companion Chronicles on CD at the ridiculous price of £5 each! And don't forget, if you want all four of them, it's a mere £16 for the set!

If you're having trouble deciding, just buy all four! Or you can be won over by our special podcast appearing tomorrow with Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Paul Spragg, discussing each of the releases, providing some fascinating facts and offering up clips of each story to give you a taster of what you can expect.

The stories on offer are:
1.1 Frostfire
by Marc Platt
Performed by Maureen O’Brien as Vicki, with Keith Drinkel
Vicki has a tale to tell. But where does it start and when does it end?
1.2 Fear of the Daleks
by Patrick Chapman
Performed by Wendy Padbury as Zoe, with Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks
Why has Zoe Heriot been having nightmares about the Daleks? And who is the Doctor, a mysterious man from her past?
1.3 The Blue Tooth
by Nigel Fairs
Performed by Caroline John as Liz Shaw, with Nicholas Briggs as the Cybermen
When Liz Shaw's friend goes missing, she discovers a potential alien invasion that will have far-reaching effects on her life…
1.4 The Beautiful People
by Jonathan Morris
Performed by Lalla Ward as Romana, with Marcia Ashton as Carna
The Fourth Doctor and Romana discover that all is not well at the Vita Novus Health Spa.

Set your alarm early so you don't miss this special 24-hour deal!

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