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Dark Eyes Wins Paul's Picks

Dark Eyes Wins Paul's Picks

31 August 2013

The results of the vote to find Paul McGann's top audio adventure are in, and the winner is… Doctor Who: Dark Eyes! We celebrate with a special offer.

Over 3,300 of you voted on and to see which of Paul McGann's personal choices were the best Big Finish Eighth Doctor adventure, and the results are in. Plus there's an exclusive discount on the winning title.
But first a word from Robin, who commented on Facebook: "I introduced my 10 year old son to the joys of audiobooks and plays this summer when we drove from Salt Lake City to California. Road trips + Audios = Awesome!" We quite agree.
An epic story through time and space in the best traditions of Doctor Who, it finds a vulnerable Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) seeking to find hope in a hopeless universe. Sent on a mission by the Time Lords, he encounters the dark-eyed Molly O'Sullivan (Ruth Bradley) who, for reasons the Doctor is determined to uncover, is being targeted by the Daleks.
A hugely popular box set containing four hours of adventure and action, Doctor Who: Dark Eyes is on special offer with a discount of up to 50% to celebrate its win. Grab it now and celebrate the reign of the Eighth Doctor!
Visit and enter "tardybox" when prompted for your 50% discount.

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