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Dark Shadows - Shadows of the Night out now!

Dark Shadows - Shadows of the Night out now!

5 December 2017

Four new tales of terror, intrigue and a spot of romance in the latest Dark Shadows release.

With spectacular new writing talent and the return of some of your favourite Dark Shadows characters, catch these four new tales today. 

Trio by Nick Myles

Carolyn Stoddard and Amy Jennings are the greatest of friends and they would never let a man come between them. But the mysterious pianist Jude is no ordinary man…

Honeymoon From Hell by Antoni Pearce

Cyrus Longworth and Sabrina Jennings have finally defeated their demons and are now married. But, when on their honeymoon in Germany, they see a man watching them can they be sure that they’ve escaped their past?

Retreat by Daniel Hinchliffe

Amy Jennings may be on vacation, but when a last day in Paris becomes a hunt for a friend through a long-neglected bookstore, it seems there are some things you can never run away from…

1:53 AM by Lila Whelan

Doctor Robert Harper is visited by his old friend, Carolyn. She needs his help to investigate what appears to be a case of possession in a typical suburban house. But he is about to discover that it’s not only the Collins family who have dark secrets…

“I’m especially pleased with this collection because all four writers are new to Big Finish.”, Dark Shadows producer and director Joe Lidster tells us, “I first encountered Nick Myles when we took part in the same theatre festival. I’ve since seen a lot of Nick’s work so I knew pretty early on that he’d be perfect for a Dark Shadows short story. Trio is a perfect example - lovely naturalistic funny dialogue and then things getting so much darker as he explores the horror of what normal people can do. He doesn’t write stories about people meeting monsters - he writes stories about how we’re all monsters.

"Antoni Pearce contacted me a couple of years ago. One of his ideas - Honeymoon From Hell - really struck me. It was the perfect horror short story - it’s about a character called Cyrus facing the demons of his past. For those who don’t know Dark Shadows, Cyrus was born with the son of the Devil in his head. By the time of this story he’s recently exorcised that particular demon and he’s got married so everything should be coming up roses for him. What Antoni’s brilliantly explored here, though, is what happens when you’ve lost that demonic voice in your head. Where do you go from there?

"With these short stories we always try to have a variety of tone and I knew Daniel (Hinchliffe) would be able to write something a bit lighter in tone. He’s written a gorgeous short story that feels effortlessly warm and witty. Of course, there’s darkness and horror there but this is a story that initially seems to be about Amy Jennings, a young mother with a werewolf son, facing her worst fear - riding a bike. It’s a really lovely piece with lots of humour.

"With Dark Shadows we’re always on the lookout for female writers and Alan Flanagan contacted another writer asking if she knew any female horror writers. That writer recommended Lila Whelan to us. Her stories are about horror in the home. They’re about families - think The Exorcist and Poltergeist! Like all the best horror, Lila’s stories are about real people in real situations suddenly being confronted by something beyond their understanding…"

Pick up Shadows of the Night today, available at £14.99 on CD or £12.99 on download.

And don’t forget there are several exciting developments coming up from the world of Dark Shadows. Out in June 2018, Maggie & Quentin: The Lovers’ Refrain brings Quentin Collins, played by David Selby, together with Maggie Evans, played by Kathryn Leigh Scott.

And keep checking the Big Finish website as further details of the next 13-episode serial Dark Shadows: Bloodline will be revealed soon.

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