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Dark Shadows: Sebastian Shaw is Back!

Dark Shadows: Sebastian Shaw is Back!

15 August 2012

Big Finish are pleased to announce the return of Christopher Pennock as Sebastian Shaw, in Dark Shadows: Dreaming of the Water.

Sebastian, an astrologer who arrived in Collinsport in 1970, was revealed to be under the influence of vampire Roxanne Drew. When he fell in love with Maggie Evans, Roxanne took revenge and attacked her. Sebastian and Maggie were lasting seen driving to the relative safety of Windcliff Sanatarium.

Dreaming of the Water is written by first-time scriptwriter Kymberly Ashman. “Late last year, I asked a number of writers to pitch,” says producer, Joseph Lidster. “Some were very experienced, some were new to Dark Shadows and a couple were completely new to writing for audio. I was very fortunate eleven years ago to be given my big break by Big Finish so, as a producer, it's been great that I can give other new writers the same opportunity.”

“As a fan of Dark Shadows being invited to pitch was a very exciting but nerve-wracking experience,” says Ashman. “I can't thank Joe and James enough for this opportunity. I wanted to delve a little deeper into Maggie and Sebastian's relationship and their trip to Windcliff provided the perfect setting.”

Dreaming of the Water also sees the return of Kathryn Leigh Scott playing both Maggie Evans and Doctor Laurie Norris. “Kathryn's such a brilliant actor,” says Lidster, “and one of the things that appealed to me about Kym's script is that it gave her something completely new to do.”

Also featuring Antonio Rastelli and Scott Handcock, Dreaming of the Water is released in October.

The covers and trailers for Speak No Evil and The Last Stop are also now available.

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