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Dark Shadows: The Harvest of Souls Released

Dark Shadows: The Harvest of Souls Released

18 February 2014

Today sees the last (but not least!) release of this month: Dark Shadows: The Harvest of Souls, starring Kathryn Leigh Scott and Doctor Who's very own Colin Baker.

Kathryn Leigh Scott returns to the Dark Shadows universe as Maggie Evans, while Sixth Doctor Who Colin Baker follows up his first appearance in The House by the Sea - but is he the man he used to be?

Collinsport is over. And, after recent events, Maggie Evans just doesn't care any more.
She grew up here, she fell in love here, she grieved here. But no more. Maggie wants out.

But there's a problem as this town won't let her go. Collinsport has unfinished business with Maggie.

Maggie finds herself trapped in the empty streets, pursued by an old friend who wants only one thing. To make her happy.

But Maggie Evans doesn't believe in happy endings any more.

Dark Shadows: The Harvest of Souls is available for download now, and CD copies will be posted out today.

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