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Doctor Who - Companion Chronicles Offers!

Doctor Who - Companion Chronicles Offers!

2 September 2016

For this weekend, all of our hugely popular Doctor Who Companion Chronicles stories are at special offer prices!

They're the Doctor's closest friends, they travel through time and space with him - and for this whole weekend, you can travel with the companions too...

Big Finish's Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles range is one of its most loved run of stories, from 2007's Doctor Who - Frostfire, to this year's critically-acclaimed Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Second Doctor Boxed Set Volume 1. They're stories with past Doctor Who companion actors telling of brand new adventures from across all eras of the Classic Series, featuring everyone from Carole Ann Ford to India Fisher, William Russell to Mark Strickson and many, many more!

For this entire weekend (ending at mid-day on Monday 5th September, UK time), all the single CD Companion Chronicles releases are reduced from £8.99 to £5 each (unlocking digital copies on purchase, except for the first series which is not available in digital formats at this point in time). Where available, the digital versions of these stories are £2.99 each. The double-disc stories are £7.50 on CD, and £4.99 on Download.

Prices are also reduced on a few special titles: the four-story sets Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor Volume 1 and The Second Doctor Volume 1 are each £20 on CD and £15 to Download, while Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Specials is £15 and £12.00 on CD and Download respectively.

All of our Doctor Who - Companion Chronicle bundles are reduced in price too, making it easier and better value to add to your collection. Don't forget if you have either the free iOS Big Finish app, or the Android Big Finish app via Google or Amazon, you can be listening to your stories within minutes, wherever you are!

And to round off this epic weekend, we're delighted to announce Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor Boxed Set Volume 2, which can be pre-ordered now at £20 on CD and £15 on Download ahead of its release in June next year. More details will follow soon, but it will contain four more brand new travels with the First Doctor and - of course - his companions...

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