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Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion - The Other Doctor Makes His Mark

Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion - The Other Doctor Makes His Mark

24 November 2012

Alex Macqueen (best known for his roles in The Inbetweeners, The Thick of It and Holby City) has been wowing fans and reviewers with his portrayal of the Other Doctor in our epic box set Doctor Who – UNIT: Dominion.

Sylvester McCoy plays the Seventh Doctor (a role he played on TV between 1987-89), accompanied by his companion Raine Creevy (Beth Chalmers), who face a threat to the entire universe when barriers between different dimensions start to break down. The future Doctor is on hand, played by Alex, but is his advice always as helpful as it could be?

UNIT: Dominion is a fast, epic and cinematic ride – and it’s also packed with many twists and turns, so avoid spoilers at all costs!

And make sure to check out this brilliant Other Doctor because he really does make rather an impression...

UNIT: Dominion is still available for just £30 for the five disc box set and £25 on download, and it also forms part of our low-priced Special Releases bundle. But these low prices end on 31st December, so order quickly!

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