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Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion Released

Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion Released

23 October 2012

We're very pleased to announce the release of the very first of our Doctor Who Special Releases: UNIT: Dominion!

Out now, Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion is a five-disc box set which finds the Seventh Doctor (as played once more by Sylvester McCoy, previously seen in the role on TV between 1987 and 1989 and in the 1996 TV Movie) taking on invading forces from another dimension! Luckily, he has the help of the stalwart chaps and chapesses of UNIT, including former companion - and former Nazi! - Dr Elizabeth Klein, his trusty safe-cracking companion Raine Creevy and... another version of himself!

A massive event of a story running to approximately four hours (plus an hour of behind-the-scenes material), Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion also stars Tracey Childs as Klein, Beth Chalmers as Raine and Alex Macqueen as the Other Doctor. It's written by Nicholas Briggs and Jason Arnopp and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

You can buy the box set on CD or download now, and it's also part of our low-priced Special Releases bundle offer; just click on the bundle button on the Special Releases page - the offer runs until the end of December 2012.

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