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Doctor Who: 1001 Nights and Night of the Stormcrow Released

Doctor Who: 1001 Nights and Night of the Stormcrow Released

12 December 2012

Today sees the release of Doctor Who: 1001 Nights and this year's bonus CD (for subscribers only), Doctor Who: Night of the Stormcrow.

Now available for download is our main range full cast audiobook release for the month, Doctor Who: 1001 Nights. Starring Peter Davison as the Doctor, who he played on TV from 1981-1984, and Sarah Sutton as his companion Nyssa (seen on TV between 1981 and 1983), it finds the Doctor held captive while Nyssa is forced to tell stories for the amusement of the malevolent Sultan (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Alexander Siddig).

An anthology release, but not quite like those we've done before, Doctor Who: 1001 Nights features an overall story, but it contains three other tales, about a mysterious prisoner, a place which runs on stories and a dangerous possession.

Also available now, and attached to the 1001 Nights release as a subscriber bonus extra (look where you'd usually find extended extras and scripts), is Doctor Who: Night of the Stormcrow. This year's subscriber special, it stars Tom Baker as the Doctor (who he played from 1975-1981) and Louise Jameson as Leela (1977-1978) and relates a terrifying evening in an observatory at the mercy of the deadly Stormcrow...

Both these stories can be downloaded now, and CD orders will be despatched today.

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