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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Thanks

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Thanks

24 October 2013

As you may know, our 50th Anniversary Doctor Who story The Light at the End was launched a month early yesterday - because you deserve it! But within minutes, our website was experiencing difficulties because of the huge demand for digital downloads.

As some of you rightly pointed out, we had said we were all prepared and ready for the onslaught of demand that Doctor Who: The Light at the End would provoke. We were certain that we had all the bandwidth we needed. And we were right about that, at least.

'Unfortunately,' says exec producer Nick Briggs, 'What we weren't prepared for was the sheer number of you visiting the site at the same time! It was breath-taking!

'Luckily, our website people, Hughes Media, were on the case within minutes of the problems occuring, and within about half an hour, we had things under control. So I'd like to give a huge public thank you to Ed Hughes, our man on the spot, who dedicated his evening - and possibly most of his night - to keeping an eye on our server. Thanks, Ed! You did a great job!

'I'd also like to thank all our customers for their patience and understanding. I was personally overwhelmed by the positivity of all of you, even the ones who, quite justifiably, complained. We are very lucky to have such a lovely bunch of loyal followers. So I just want to make sure that you all know how much we value your support and your understanding. We may love stories, but we also love our audience equally as much.

'Everything is running smoothly now, so for any of you out there who were patiently holding off downloading or purchasing The Light at the End, feel free to come and get it.'

And just in case you'd forgotten, Doctor Who: The Light at the End is available as a Limited Edition, a Standard Edition and a Vinyl Edition. There's also a 5.1 stereo digital download available with the the Limited Edition, alongside the usual, stereo download. But be warned, there are only 500 of the Vinyl Edition available and well over half of them have sold already.

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