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Doctor Who: The Abandoned Guest Star Revealed

Doctor Who: The Abandoned Guest Star Revealed

15 June 2013

Doctor Who: The Abandoned, the first full cast story ever to be written by one of the show’s stars, has now been recorded.

The script is by Louise Jameson (who played the savage Leela, 1977-78 on TV) and Nigel Fairs (who has written many Big Finish adventures), and stars Louise alongside her Doctor – Tom Baker (who portrayed the role on TV between 1975-81).

The Abandoned is set entirely aboard the TARDIS, as the Doctor and Leela discover that perhaps they are not alone on the ship.

Stephanie Cole guest stars as Lady Marianna – Stephanie is well known for Coronation Street, Waiting for God, Talking Heads and many other much-loved series, but notably in The Abandoned she is reunited with her Tenko co-star Louise.

The story will be released in July 2014. The third series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures is available on pre-order subscription.

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