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Doctor Who: The Mega Cover Revealed

Doctor Who: The Mega Cover Revealed

12 November 2013

You can now enjoy the Pertwee-era goodness of the very last Lost Stories cover - that of The Mega!

Coming in December, Doctor Who - The Lost Stories: The Mega completes Big Finish's epic quest to bring many lost tales from all eras of Doctor Who out of the darkness and into the light. From Colin Baker's 'missing' season and a chance to hear what could have been after Sylvester McCoy's era-ending Survival through a host of legendary First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Doctor stories, it all ends here.

When an assassination follows the first demonstration of a deadly new weapon, it appears that an alien race has fired the opening salvo in a new war – a war… for peace.

But is that truly their intent? The Doctor is unsure. The answer lies deep in the heart of a distant country. A place where a man might be a hero or a traitor. Where a man has to face the menace… of the Mega.

Starring Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and Richard Franklin (Mike Yates), alongside Bo Poraj and Derek Carlyle, Doctor Who: The Mega will be released in December and is available for pre-order now on CD and download. All the Lost Stories series also have a subscription option available.

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